11+ Best Online Business in India

Are you looking for the best Online Business opportunities from home?

If yes, keep reading this informative article to build successful online businesses.

Success has become a synonym for business in today’s era. I know 9 to 5 jobs can become hectic at times.

Online business in India has become easy due to the availability of smartphones and internet connectivity at a reasonable price.

All you need is a creative online business idea and a willingness to make some extra efforts.

You are probably here because you are searching for a good online business idea without investment or with investment.

In this article, I will introduce some effective business, which would make it easier for you to decide the right path.

12 Best Online Business in India

I can promise after reading this business idea you can start your online business journey from tomorrow.  


Some of you might find blogging as a business unrealistic. But nowadays, people support creativity, online business in India is the best career. 

So, all you need is dedication, a positive mindset, and efforts to become a successful +blogger. Blogging is the best online business in India that pays lakhs of rupees per month. 

In fact, Many artists enhance their standard of living by channeling their passion. 

Here are three effective options on how to start online business in India with no money for you to earn money by blogging:

Photo Blog

A photoblog is the top ten online businesses and is an excellent way to gain maximum engagement from audiences.

Sites like Tumblr permit users to reblog pictures and share digitally created or captured photos of their day-to-day lives.

Such a type of blog is primarily lined with photos and is the best online business from India to usa. Although, if you wish to add text, then it can be added as a caption.

A perfect example of a successful Photo Blog is lens between us. It is also a good type of online business in India.

The founders of this blog are Peter Sedlacik and Zuzu Galova. They travel to different places and capture pictures of each other and share them on their blog.

Traditional blog

Some people just like to write on their blogs regarding the area they are interested in — for instance, Self-help, Baking, Cooking, DIY, etc.

Traditional Blogs is one of the best online business opportunities in India with low investment. 

A perfect example of a Traditional Blog is thegoodthing.co, the founder of this blog is Jill Nystul. She started her blog as a side project, but eventually, she quit her job and became a full-time blogger.


Vlogs is the best online business ideas in India without investment, also known as video blogs. In vlogs, bloggers share their video insight, usually of themselves. 

On YouTube, millions of budding Vloggers showcase their skills in the form of video. Emelyne Behr is a successful vintage-inspired Vlogger.

She records her videos of beauty and baking tips on her YouTube channel and writes her personal blog on sweetemelynes.

Online Store

online store
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Online Store- best online business in India

Opening an online store is one of the best options if you want to start your online business in India with low investment.

Nowadays, it has become extremely easy to start an online business. It might seem complex but believe me, it’s not!

Following are some tips to start an online store:

  1. Decide the type of Product: Selecting the right product is the most important step to start an online business in India. Research closely about the various products and choose a product that will be beneficial for customers and yourself.
  2. Decide E-commerce Solutions: Deciding the E-commerce platform is of utmost importance because there are many options, and decide the best one can be a little challenging. 
  3. Open-source Solution: These platforms can be downloaded free of cost, and you need to create your own website in term online business that pays.
  4. Hire an IT Company: For successful online businesses, hiring an IT company is suitable only if you have enough budget and resources.
  5. Hosted Ecommerce Platform: This option is ideal for beginners because it covers all functionalities and features.
  6.  Create your Store: You need to start creating your store by inserting pages and functionalities on your website, these are the best online business opportunities from home.
  7. Choose a Domain name: Make sure you choose a simple and short domain name that describes your business.
  8. Select Payment Gateway: You need to choose the best payment gateway according to rates, charges, and payout holding period.


Dropshipping in India is a cost-effective way for any entrepreneur who wishes to start an online business in India with low investment.

Dropshipping permits you to sell various products online without spending any extra time preparing an invoice, packaging orders, and handling returns.

The E-commerce sector of India is progressing drastically. It is also the best online business opportunity from home.

Indian drop shippers can even market their businesses outside India. Your role as a drop shipper include:

  1. Find a trustable supplier who would provide you products at a lower cost so that you can compete in a market.
  2. Build an attractive and accessible e-commerce website
  3. Take care of after-sale services.
  4. Maintain a proper cash flow 
  5. Take the orders and information to suppliers so that they can ship the product at the billing address.
  6. Make sure the product is delivered on time. It is recommended to mention the delivery period on the website.

Publishing Ebook

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E-Book: Best Online Business Idea

If you are searching how to start online business in India with no money and you have writing skills, then you can self-publish your Ebook on Amazon Kindle.

Considering the rising trend of E-book, this is a perfect option for anyone who likes writing. All you need is an Amazon KDP account. 

Following are some tips to publish your Ebook on Amazon:

  • Write an excellent E-book: Write something you are passionate about because there is no point in publishing something which is not your best.
  • Format your Ebook properly: Book formatting plays a vital role in attracting maximum readers.

Pro Tip: You can’t directly upload your manuscript as it is because it will create a bad impression. 

Many writers hire a professional to format their eBook so that their eBook looks amazing.

  • Build hype for your eBook: Create hype for your eBook using social media, blogs, or websites.

You can build hype for your eBook by:

  • Create a Blog Post that relates to the topic of your book.
  • Link your book with your blogs.
  • Create an attractive graphic of your eBook and place it within your blog and on your sidebar.
  • Build an email sequence to sell your eBook.

These are the best online business ideas in India without investment, and these are the most successful online businesses.

Fitness Instructor

Becoming an online fitness instructor is also a types of online business in India and one of the most effective ways to earn money online.

The role of a fitness instructor is to train people to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Here are some tips which would help you to start your business as a fitness instructor:

  • Stick to one niche: I know, It might sound tempting to be an expert in every niche but, it is recommended to become an expert in a specific niche so that you can target a specific audience. Sticking to one niche will make you successful online businesses in less time.
  • Establish your Unique Selling Proposition (USP): Your USP will recognize your quality, making you unique from other competitors in the market. 
  • Build your brand from the initial stage: It is necessary to build your brand right from the day when you decide to be a fitness instructor to stay consistent and professional.
  • Emphasis on social media marketing: Social Media is the most effective marketing tool to build your online business in India. Once you build your brand, consistently post on social media.
  • Influencer marketing: Being an influencer in the field of fitness can be a great way to unlock endless opportunities. Influencer marketing can also attract various customers.
  • Utilize technology to stay organized: There are various tools available to organize your work efficiently. You can use services like My PT Hub or Trainerize for your business needs as a fitness instructor.

Digital Marketing Agency

Earlier, Digital Marketing was not a type of online business in India, but with the rising importance of the internet, Digital marketing is becoming extremely important.

Almost every business needs a digital marketer to grow their business. The scope and online business opportunities from home of starting a digital marketing agency is remarkable.

Some tips to start a digital marketing agency in India is:

  • Pre-plan your strategy: Decide your strategy before starting your digital marketing agency. Whether you want to focus on multiple industries or only one industry.
    Or whether you want to sell locally or nationally. Each decision needs to be taken before starting an online business in India.
  • Focus on your online presence: Get your domain name, it is recommended to select a domain name that matches your brand name to build successful online businesses.
  • Get Social: Choose effective social media platforms to promote your online business in India. Build a connection with audiences by posting relevant content. You can create a long-lasting relationship with your target audience.
  • Create your brand identity: Building your brand identity is a very important task. Things you can do to create an identity of the brand is getting a logo and visiting card.
  • Create your core team:  If you are including different digital marketing activities, then form a team with people of diverse expertise.
    For instance, Facebook Expert, Google Ads Expert, SEO Expert, Social Media Manager, and many more.

Image Consultant

If you want to know how to start online business in India with no money then start Image Consultancy.

In today’s world, physical appearance and body language play a vital role in every field.

As an Image consultant, your work will provide your clients makeover, makeup advice, effective body language, and even coach them regarding their dressing. It is also a type of online business in India.

The goal of an image consultant is to boost the self-confidence of clients and to enhance their personality. It is one the best online businesses from India to USA.

Clients in this field include corporate people who want to learn tactics to enhance customer relations and increase the sale or public figures who face the media spotlight and wish to imprint the best impression on people.

Following are some tips to become an Image consultant:

  •  Obtain a Cosmetology license: Obtain a Cosmetology license if you are offering services of applying makeup on your customers.
  •  Invest in a Video Camera: If you are offering corporate image training, then a video camera is extremely important.
    It will help your clients regarding their improvement in body language in comparison to before taking your services
  •  Build Relations: Build relations with people of your niche, or you can even build good relations with wedding consultants and event planners as this can turn out as a profitable partnership.

Career Counseling

Career Counseling is an online business that pays for your skill. According to the survey, maximum people are satisfied with their respective jobs.

In such a scenario, a Career counseling cab is an amazing online business idea in India without investment. A career counselor helps their clients to choose the right career.

Following are some tips to be a career counselor:

  • Decide your niche: Before starting your online business in India, you must first decide your niche based on your knowledge and interest.
  • Planning: Any online business requires proper planning before starting up. Device a plan that includes every aspect of the business like strategy, advertising modes, finances, potential obstacles, and many more.
  • Effective marketing: As a consultant, you will constantly need to promote your services. It is recommended to connect organizations and professionals who would connect you to your target audience for promoting.

Translation Agency

It is in the top ten online businesses that pays a heavy amount. Nowadays, even small enterprises are serving global clients. The need for communicating globally in various languages is growing rapidly.

If you are fluent in any language, then you can translate one language from another and get paid for that.

Following are some tips to start your Translation Agency:

  • Know your customers: It is extremely important to know your customers before starting your Translation Agency. You can start determining a large group of private persons and agencies and go down to smaller segments within each group.
  • Identify best channels: There are many different ways to reach your customers, such as ads, emails, calls, and many modern marketing methods.  Choose the best one for your business.
  • Estimate cost: Estimating cost is extremely crucial to plan your whole online business. Write down all the costs and utilize your resources effectively.

Resell Products

Reselling of products are the best types of online business in India. A reseller is an individual or a company that purchases products from manufacturers and resells them further.

On reselling the product, you will receive a commission on the product which you will sell.

Following are some advantages of reselling:

  • Wide range of products: To make successful online businesses, it is not necessary to sell a single product. Suppose you are reselling under the niche of clothing, then you can add many more related products.
  • Establish your margin: As a reseller, you are free to keep your price. Since the cost of goods is low, you can add a higher margin and earn more profit. Although it is recommended to consider the price of competitors.
  • No need to carry inventory: You can use the reseller dropship marketplace, which permits you to resell goods without buying the stock. Furthermore, there are various apps like Meesho and GlowRoad that allow you to resell goods.

Business Consultancy

Business consultants is the best online business in India 2020. It includes management consulting to help businesses enhance their efficiency and performance.

As a business consultant, you need to analyze business and help companies to achieve their goals.

A business consultant’s role includes reviving business, identifying change, solving problems, providing expertise, and many more.

It is recommended to learn the client’s business before consulting them. In this process, you will discover the minor details of the company’s mission and how it operates.

Following are some types of business consultancy:

  • Team building consultant: As a team-building consultant, you will bring together qualified facilitators who work with customers and make sure training activities and team building are linked to measurable results.
  • Advertising consultant: Advertising is crucial in any kind of Online Business organization. Every brand needs various advertising campaigns for a successful promotion. Hence, the demand for advertising consultants is high.
  • Marketing Consultant:  Various small online businesses don’t have an advanced marketing team. If you have a good knowledge of marketing, then you can become a marketing consultant. 

Web Development

Web Development is the best online business ideas in India without investment that can pay you in lakhs.

The web development business is a great opportunity to achieve success. Businesses are going online, considering the changing preferences of customers.

A website has become a necessity for every business; hence they need someone to create a website.

Following are important aspects of starting a web development business:

  • Impressive website: As a web developer, your website itself represents yourself. Make an attractive website and show off all your talents on your website.
  • Brand building: Design a unique logo for your business. Make sure that your website should promote you as a brand. 
  • Join a community: Search online communities where you can find your potential clients and stay active so that more clients can notice you.

Conclusion on Online Business in India

All you need is time, effort, and planning to start your own business in India. Once you figure out a plan, stick to it, and you will rock your business online. Good luck!

Online Business in India
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