Kartra vs Groovepages 2021 Comparison

Hello readers! Today I will be comparing Kartra vs GroovePages in order to give you an idea regarding which one is better which will help you in making a sound decision. 

Kartra vs Groovepages Full Comparision

First of all, I’ll be talking about Kartra and comparing Pros and Cons.

What is Kartra?

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Suppose if someone wants to start a business on the internet and we all know the extent of innovation in today’s world. 

So we have to spend on multiple software. Kartra makes this process extremely simple by offering all-in-one services in a single software and you Don’t have to spend money on other marketing software.

Features of Kartra

There are many features of Kartra. Basically, I am doing Kartra Review in the next 4-5 Paragraphs. In this article, I’ll be focusing on some interesting features of Kartra.

Following are some key features of Kartra:

1. Kartra Mails

The mail system of Kartra is behavior-based which means that the behavior of prospective customers is analyzed. For instance, Kartra sends emails of marketing to customers who prefer to follow-up.

2. Kartra Funnels & Campaigns

This is one of the most impressive features of Kartra. This feature allows your business to generate a sales funnel due to which it becomes easy to connect all the pillars.

3. Kartra Leads

As the name suggests, this feature will help you in tracking your leads. Kartra allows you to have a look at your leads and provide you information regarding how your customers are paid, tagged, and more. This helps you to manage your customers more effectively. 

4. Kartra Pages and Page building

If you are looking for a great page builder then KartraPages will definitely impress you. It consists of various designs. You can easily design an attractive website by creating unique and eye-catching pages.

5. Kartra Checkouts

Kartra’s Checkout feature allows you to maximize your online sales by providing you essential services required to operate a business.

Kartra Pricing

Kartra has basically 4 plans. The plans are as follows:-

#1 Starter Plan: 

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Kartra Starter Plan

This pack is specially designed for small businesses with a limit of 15,000 emails and 2500 contacts. The price of this pack is $99 per month and $79 if the payment is done annually 

#2 Silver Plan: 

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Kartra Starter Plan

The silver plan offers unlimited emails and a limit of 12,500 contacts. The cost of this plan is $199 per month which can be reduced by 25% that is $149 per month by annual payment instead of monthly payments. Moreover, a free feature of the Kartra agency is offered as a bonus.

#3 Gold Plan: 

Kartra Gold Plan
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Kartra Gold Plan

This plan is an upgrade of the Silver plan which provides you 25000 leads, 5 custom domain limits, Unlimited page visits, access to Kartra agency, and many other additional features.

#4 Platinum Plan: 

Kartra Platinum Plan
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Kartra Platinum Plan

This plan is suitable for huge businesses with massive lists and email sequences. This plan offers 50,000 leads, 500000 emails per month, Access to Kartra agency, and many more exciting features

The features and pricing of Kartra are pretty clear. Now let’s talk about Groovepages!

What is GroovePages?

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GroovePages is a product which is offered by GrooveFunnels, a website that consists of different tools and services of digital marketing. GroovePages helps you in making landing pages, sale funnels, and websites. 

Features of GroovePages 

Following is the list of important features of GroovePages:

1. Device-Based customization

This feature allows you to edit pages and sales funnels according to the devices like laptops, desktops, tablets, iPad, mobile, and many more.

2. Countdown Timers and Progress Bars

Countdown timers allow you to create an alert in case of any urgency for visitors to a website.

Progress bars are perfect for the active visitors to make them feel that they are making some progress

3. Pop-ups 

The pop-ups can be very effective if they are used appropriately. Pop-ups help you in generating leads and enhancing sales. You can also create a pop-up that will appear on the screen of visitors when they tap on a button or come on the New page or even if they press the back button. I highly advise the users to use this amazing feature of Groovepages as this is truly effective. 

4. Free Hosting 

By using Groovepages, you don’t have to pay separately for hosting to companies like Godaddy and Siteground. 

Furthermore, Groovepages also provides domains for free

5. Drag and Drop Editor

This feature of Groovepages permits you to swiftly edit the pages or sale funnel of your website. All you have to do is select the portion you want to edit and drag it on the page and simply drop it wherever you want it to place.

6. Downsells, Upsells, and Order Bumps

Order bumps and Upsells are outstanding tools that allow users to increase the amount of money that people spend while ordering a particular product from your website.

Downsell is another useful tool that allows users to purchase a reasonably lower-priced product after they have refused to purchase your main product.

You have access to all these features on Groovepages.

Pricing of Groovepages 

Basically GroovePages has two plans. The free plan is only for limited time. Hurry UP!

#1 Free plan: 

You have the option to choose the free plan of Groovepages Lite which have several features like free hosting, premium blocks, Wireframe blocks, project sites, and many more

#2 Groovepages lifetime pack: 

Groovepages offers lifetime access by making a one-time payment of $1397. This is the only option available if you want to use the Groovepages pro plan. Although, Groovepages is soon going to launch the Silver plan worth $99 per month and Gold plan worth $199 per month.

Which one is better?

Considering the features and pricing of both tools, the best one depends upon the purpose of your usage and your expectations.

If you don’t just want some handful of basic features then I recommend you to go for Groovepages free plan but in case you need additional features as well then you can go for the Groovepages lifetime package. Furthermore, you can even wait for the silver plan and gold plan of Groovepages. 

If you want wider and more professional features and budget is a huge concern for you then I highly recommend you to go for Kartra as it is perfect for someone like you.

Kartra vs Groovepages
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