[Easy Way] How to start Blogging in India?

If you are new in the blogging industry and want to know more about What is blogging, and how does it work?

If yes, then you are right place.

Blogging is a kind of social media; the term blog comes from a weblog. It is just like an online informational website.

Blogging also refers to Photography, Writing, News, and even other media.

The key benefits of blogging and how to start blogging in India we will discuss later in this article.

What is the Blog & How to start blogging in India?

A blog helps to improve your brand to build up, search rankings in search engines, and engage web traffic.

The other interesting fact about blogging is that it is free for all. If you want to know, how to start blogging in India without any coding requires a little bit of investment. 

In blogging, you can share your experiences regularly, along with creative images and videos, to give viewers an excellent experience.

A blog post will stay forever on your website for all your visitors to see and grab some knowledge which you share on your blog post.

In this article, you will get to know about how to start blogging in India for free.

What exactly is a blog?

how to start blogging in india
how to start blogging in india

It is just like a website that contains content in the form of categories and pots. That is arranged so that the latest post will be displayed at the top of the pile.

A blog also contains helpful pages such as About or Contact pages to make the viewer more understanding of someone’s services.

In other words, all blogs are websites, but all sites do not blog.

Why do you need a blog?

The next question comes What is a blog used for?

The blog is used for selling a product on your website, then a blog has many advantages. You can drive the targeted traffic to your Blog.

The right traffic to your website can increase your sales and make money. Besides, it builds a personality and authority for your business to show the world about your product and services.

Competent authority and engaging blogs help to engage with your regular viewers, and if you put a new post regarding any product or service, they go to your site to buy, or they even contact you.

It is also observed that updating the blog keeps your website fresh, and google will love this. Let’s see some brief examples for What is a blog used for?

Sending a Message

Whether people have a special message that they want to share with some unknown needy people or professional service or product that they are looking to sell or a pure desire to share their valuable words with others to read.

Blogs can achieve these goals simply and easily. More than hundreds of new blogs start each day, and while many of them are quickly discontinue after some months.

Promoting Expertise

The facts demonstrate that sites don’t yet convey the possible authority of current news or writing service.

However, they are getting respected as individuals to grasp their straightforwardness and viability.

Requirements for a Blog

Here the question comes, How to start blogging in India? and How do blogs work to make money?

The best blogging is that starting a blog is easy and affordable. All you need to do is below four steps.

1. Set Up the Blog

There are free options to create a blog, such as WordPress and Blogger.

But if you want to become professional by adding creative images and posting articles like a pro blogger, you need to buy a good hosting and domain name according to your niche.

You can install WordPress using your hosting as it is easy to set up and create a decent blog.

2. Add Content to your Blog

After setting up your blog, you need to know How to write a blog?

Once your Blog is all customized and ready to go live, but before that, you need to have some articles on your website to make the user experience better.

You must develop a schedule for writing and posting blog articles. Try to post regularly on your Blog as it increases user experience, and Google will love to rank your Blog.

3. Market

To grow and make your business successful, you need to put your product or services to a target market, which will boost your income.

You reach the targeted market through Social Media apps like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter.

Nowadays, many bloggers are following email lists to target or reach out to the famous Blogger’s podcaster.

To promote your business on various platforms, you need to regularly update it by using quotes on Instagram or Twitter or by sharing videos on YouTube channels.

4. Add Different Income Streams

Besides promoting your website, you can use many figures to earn money. The most trending way to make money is through Affiliate Marketing in which advertisers pay you a good commission, and we will discuss more affiliate marketing later in this post.

Difference between Blog and Websites

A few people are confused over what includes a blog over a website. Some portion of the confusion originates because many companies use both, for the most part, by adding a blog section to the design site.

If we see, there are two highlights of a blog that set it apart from a conventional website. 

Blogs are often refreshed. Despite whether it’s a mother blog in which a lady shares undertakings in child-rearing, a food blog sharing new plans, or a business giving updates to its guidance, blogs have new substance contained a few times each week.

Sites may incidentally have new data; however, generally, they offer static data that once in a while changes. 

Blogs take into the attention of a visitor. Blogs and website based life accounts usually inspire because they fill a comparable need of interfacing a group of people with one another and the substance maker.

A few sites may consolidate highlights that consider discussion, yet as a rule, a blog takes into consideration more focus and communication than a customary site does.

Now let’s see Pros and Cons of Blogging


  • Increase Brand Awareness:- The most significant advantage of creating a blog is it increases brand awareness, which helps boost someone’s business or product or services.
  • Increases traffic to your website:- updating your website post or content, increases brand awareness, as we have mentioned above. Automatically keywords will get rank in Google, and website traffic will increase as the website gets older.
  • Improve your search ranking:- As the site gets older day by day and authority increases, google improves the ranking of a website.
  • Build Customer Loyalty:- If the viewer visits you regularly, then you are building a good relationship between you and the viewer.


  • It can be time-consuming, as we know that it is free, but it needs a lot of practice and time to set up.
  • To become successful, you need to be regular and consistent and have some patients. It also requires hard work and strategies to target audiences.
  • It is also enjoyable by hiring a good content writer.

Let’s see How to Start Blogging in India?

We read What is a blog and how does it work, also the pros and cons of blogging. It sounds good, but from where we need to start?

It is free and also paid. The decision depends on you how you want to move further.

Let’s talk about free; Blogger is a way to create a free blog. You just simply need to Sign in to Blogger. Click on New Blog, then enter your blog name, click next and select your blog URL, and click save.

Coming to the paid, WordPress is most famous for creating an excellent website. You just need a hosting and a domain to start a website. A little investment can give your Blog a good look for viewers. 

How does the blog work?

Blogging is as essential as getting a site and distributing unique substance on it. Well, informed bloggers can purchase a space name and manufacture the site themselves. Those with less HTML information can record destinations like WordPress that streamline the website architecture and distributing process. We will see more about free and paid tools to create a blog.

Blogs are generally primary sites. More established interests might be documented in isolated areas of the webpage, and there might be a different page with contact information or a bio.

The Blog itself is generally only a separate page that can be looked through—like the news channel via web-based networking media locales like Facebook. Similarly, as with a Facebook news source, a blog shows the freshest substance at the head of the page. 

Another exceptional component of blogging is interlinking. It happens when a blogger connects to someone else’s Blog inside their blog entry. For instance, if a music tutor keeps up a blog and composes a blog entry about how to shape a harmony, they may link to an artist’s Blog to show a case of the balances in real life.

Similarly, a political blogger may connect to another legislative issue blog and afterwards examine how they concur or differ with a post on that Blog. Interlinking, alongside the remark segment, cultivates the network’s feeling that makes websites one of a kind.

How do Blogs work to make money?

We have all set up, the Blog is ready, and the next thing is to make some profit through the Blog. You can easily make money through blogging. One needs to learn how to turn blogging or websites into profitable money-making.

You can start making money within a week, or a year; it depends on smart and hard-working.

Below you will get to know how do blogs work to make money online.

Selling Products and Services

One of your niches is decided, and the blog is ready, then focus on what product or services you are going to provide to make money.

The Blog or website can also include promotional tools for related businesses. You may choose as per your experience which products you want to sell.

For instance, you may sell physical products, like Jewelry, Luggage, Hardware, etc. If you are planning to serve services like graphic designing, web designing, consultant, or content writing, you need a great source from which the new clients can join you.

A large variety of digital products are also available to sell and get a commission of some digital products like- Online Courses, eBooks, Educational Videos, Animation Softwares, and much pay a large amount of commission per sales. The free content on your Blog can generate sales towards the paid products.

Advertising Networks

As I mentioned above, you don’t need to own products or services to sell to make money. You can run paid ads on your blog to make money through Google Adsense or Media.net. These pay based on clicks and per-impression.

Affiliate Marketing

Another significant source of income is through affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, advertisers pay a reasonable amount if you refer their products to customers to buy.

It also pays to visit their blogs or sign up for the newsletter, making purchases of a product or digital services.

You can use Amazon Associates or eBay Affiliate Partner Network to earn commission on per sales on large variety items according to your niche. Similarly, for digital products, you can use ClickBank or ShareASale for the high commission to make money online.

Sponsored Content

It is the cheap and best way to invest and make money through your blog by creating a little bit of investment when an advertiser pays you to write a blog post on a particular topic.

The Blog contains posts that can be in the form of a sponsored review of a product or brand Promotion. You may do in the way of collaboration or partnership to extend the campaign.

There are many sources to run a promotional campaign and drive traffic to your blog very quickly. Social platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, Quora helps to generate traffic and generate sales and make money.


Now we can hope that you have learned something most valuable when you are about to start the world of blogging.

Suppose you are ready to start a blog on your decided niche. Your next work is to create your Blog relevant to make good user experience and keep your future readers engaged with reasonable satisfaction.

Never hesitate to read more blogs on our website to get free knowledge regarding blogging and affiliate marketing.

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