15+ Secret on How to Start a News Website

Are you looking how to start a news website in India?

Then, you are in the right place, and I’ll give complete guide and step by step method on how to create a news website in WordPress from scratch. 

The steps mentioned on how to start a news website business are 100% scientific and natural.

In fact, one of my close friend had applied same method and his News Website is making more then a normal guy earns per month.

We will talk more about how to start a news website and make money.

Step By Step Guide on How to Start a News Website

We will talk about how to start a news website but before starting, you need to have around 100$ to 300$.

The money will be spent to create News Website in WordPress, including website expenses but let’s take a look into Google News platform, that is most important for every news website.

Google News section is for news audiences who are always searching for the latest accident, trending tweets of celebrities, political stuff, etc.

That is why every news website publishes tons of news articles in the Google News app and news sections. 

Now, let’s see the first and vital step to make your own news website at a meager budget in 2021,

Choose a Domain Name

Domain News- Google News
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Choose Domain for Google News Website

Before moving forward on how to start a news website, you need to buy your news domain.  

That will point to your website address and will be helpful to gain the trust of your users and also for Google to rank fast, you need to buy a name that should look like a news brand name. 

From my perspective, you should only buy that name, that helps you to stand out in news stories and help you to earn trust.

From where to buy a brand domain before starting an online news website business plan?

There are many domain provider companies like GoDaddy, Mailchimp, Namecheap, Hostgator, many more to buy your .com domain at a very low price (approx. 10 dollars).

Choose a Best Hosting

Hosting - how to start a news website
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Choose best Hosting – how to start a news website

Wondering about how to start a news website and make money?

Before earning money you need to invest some amount to buy Good Hosting. It is the backbone of any website.

Shared hosting is best if you are running a normal blog, but if you want to make a news website, then you should only use the best hosting for your news website.

There are many hosting companies to buy your hosting. Still, I only recommend Cloud or VPS Hosting for news websites because this sector has enormous traffic.

As Shared or Cheap Hosting cannot handle that much amount of visitors at a single time. If you have the budget, then go with a Cloud or VPS hosting server.

Otherwise, you should never work on a news blog with Shared or Cheap hosting; it will waste your precious time. Here are some best companies to buy hosting like Godaddy, A2Hosting, Fastcomet, Bluehost, Hostgator, SiteGround, WP Engine, InMotion and many more.

Set up News Blog in WordPress

Are you looking for how to create a news website in WordPress? 

In this paragraph I will answer this question.

After buying domain & hosting, they will email you instructions on how to set up your WordPress and server name that you need to change with your domain provider for connecting your domain with hosting. 

If you know how to install a news website on WordPress, you can skip below instructions on how to create a news website in WordPress.

how to create a news website in wordpress
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how to create a news website in wordpress

If you do not know how to set up your WordPress, you can get help from your hosting provider; they will surely help you set up all your stuff. Here are some vital task that will help you to set up your WordPress panel without any help,

  1. Login to your hosting provider account.
  2. Open your cPanel and go to softaculous section and click on WordPress.
  3. Click on install now, and you will see some information that you will have to mention there. 
  4. Add your website name and tagline, which reflect your aim. 
  5. In the next section, add your domain.com without www and choose https and in the third tab, leave it blank. 
  6. Now add your username and create a password but never use the same and straightforward password as your domain name, keep it secure, and never share it with anyone. 

WordPress will be installed successfully, and for login, you will get a link to a login page such as “yourdomain.com/wp-admin/.”

Choose a Best Theme

If you want to know how to design a news website without coding, then install a ready made template.

There are many themes available for news websites, but if you want advanced level design without coding. 

Check this list of those themes that are highly recommended for news websites and press releases and for online news portal

  • Newspaper X Theme (Paid)
  • Newspaper Magazine (Paid/Free)
  • Magplus Theme (Paid/Free)

If you are thinking how to start a news website with perfect design, then these are some best themes that are totally designed for the press release and news websites.

You can buy any of the above themes at a very reasonable price. After buying the theme, you can install it on your WordPress and design it as per your requirements. 

Useful Plugins for News Website

  1. Akismet Plugin for Protecting Spam Comments.
  2. Yoast Seo/ Rank Math for better SEO.
  3. Google News Sitemap Plugin/ Yoast News Sitemap Plugin for Sitemap submission.
  4. Jetpack for Multipurpose Work. 
  5. Wp Rocket for good speed.
  6. GN Publisher for RSS feed
  7. Amp Plugin for better optimization.
  8. Advanced Classic Editor (Optional).

If you think how to start a news website and make money is a hard task. You are wrong, these are some essential plugins that you need to install for your news blog. 

You can buy them from their official websites at reasonable prices. If you have not that budget, then buy it from the GPL factory at cheap rates.

Must have Pages for News Website

Pages - how to design a news website
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Must Have Pages – how to design a news website

As a news blog must have an online news website business plan, you will need some critical page that google wants to see on your blog.

  • Privacy Policy
  • Disclaimer 
  • DMCA
  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Advertisement Page

These are steps on how to start a news website. If you have to install the demo version of your theme, then you will get some essential pages, and you can edit them as per your requirement but do not copy and paste it from other websites.

How to get latest News without hiring anyone

Now, you know about how to start a news website, after setting up everything, you need to publish your news, and there are multiple platforms from where you can get news ideas and write. 

I recommend using google trends for creating your news with trending topics. You will have to publish 5 to 10 posts daily as per your industry trend. If you cannot write that number of posts, you can hire a writer and create content for News blogs.

Apart from that, you can also get the latest idea from buzz sumo and target your audience in real words without fetching RSS feeds of other websites. 

Be Genuine and stay Updated

What will be your reaction if anyone keeps saying “good morning” all day to you? You will be frustrated and never like to listen to these words again and again, Am I right? 

As a news website, you should never repeat and publish news that another website has already written because google never likes to share old news with users.

If you target the entertainment industry and publish news related to this field, never make content on any other area because it will lose your user’s trust. They will think that you are not an expert and provide real news to them. 

Google also sees the relevancy of websites that help to rank in google news and google search results, so stop uploading content that is not related to your field and always believe in providing real and genuine news.

Drive traffic to your News Website

Promotion - how to start a news website and make money
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Paid Promotion – how to start a news website and make money

After publishing some articles on your website, you need to promote your news blog on social media platforms(paid promotion). 

You can also share your post on trending platforms, which can give you instant traffic without paying for promotion.

Get approval from Google News

Now you know every point on how to make a news website. After fulfilling all requirements of google news, you can apply to add your website to the google news section.

It is the most important part after knowing how to start a news website in 2021. If you are thinking about how to make money from News websites, then Google News is the only way to drive tons of traffic to your blog.

Apart from Google News you can also apply in the Yahoo News Section for instant traffic from branded countries. 

Traffic Source
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Main Traffic Source

Checklist of instant traffic sites

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Discord

These are the leading platforms to get instant traffic to your news website if you are new in this industry and have not gained Google and user’s trust.

Post News Blog

Writing on News Blog all day is not possible for you; that is why you must have your writers for tons of articles. It will improve your performance and you will be able to update your website with the recent blog news without any hassle.

Your article should be 400 to 600 words long, and you need to publish at least 5 to 10 articles every day with the help of your team members.

Basic Things to do for a News Website

Apart from how to start a news website steps, It is necessary to submit your website sitemap and news site map in google search console. 

In the news sitemap your news will be only staying for only 48 hours in the google sitemap you have created. 

For monitoring your traffic, I suggest you connect your website with Google Analytics, and you can keep an eye on your daily or monthly user’s behavior that will make you understand what you need to improve to reduce bounce rates.

Avoid Silly Mistakes

Mistakes to avoid
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Mistakes to Avoid while making News Mistake

Many new bloggers spin articles from other websites using any tool and publish their own news blog or fetch RSS feed from top-level companies. 

You must not do this as it is totally against Google Publisher Guidelines, and you will never rank in google if you are thinking about doing this. 

Avoid making little or no value content, that is not engaging. Also do not write that news, which has already been written by other news websites. 

Do not make backlinks from un-relevant websites because Google will never take it seriously because google only focuses on relevancy. 

Do not publish fake news or hurt someone’s feelings; if you do, you will be in trouble or the owner can take action against your website.

How to start a News Website and Make Money

There are many ways to earn money with your news website; if you are able to drive a good amount of traffic, you can give a sponsored post, paid promotion.

You can earn a high amount after getting approval from Google AdSense

Find Your Audience 

Every blogger should have to find the right audience that should be targeted because if you do not know how to find your right audience, you will never rank in Google SERP or Google News. That is why it is compulsory to find your targeted audience in your desired field. 

Many bloggers fail within one year because they don’t have any targeted audience and the right strategy to follow; on the other hand, they never make a proper plan to make a successful news website.

Do Small Achieve Big

After knowing the right audience in your field, the next step that you should follow in order to become successful in the news field never targets a broad sector which has higher volume or competition because, as a new website, you need to target low competition keywords if you want to rank in Google SERP or News.

Many news websites do not target small or local news, and this can be beneficial for you to publish new and fresh content to reach more people and improve your web performance.


In the end, I only want to say one thing is, do not start a news website if you are not interested in this field or if you do not have a team of writers because you have to write up to 15 posts daily on your news blog if you want quick results.

If you think you can’t be able to manage time, then I would recommend you to start a normal blog by choosing a micro niche and here is the best article on How to start blogging on micro niche in India.

FAQ on How to make a News Blog

  1. Can I Rank in Google News Within one Month?

    No, you cannot rank in the google section until you can trust and provide real and genuine content to your readers; that is why you should wait at least three months if you want to rank your news blog.

  2. How Can I Gain Trust And Authority To Rank?

    If you have a new website, then you only focus on making enough content for your readers, and then you can start making backlinks from relevant websites, which will increase your trust flow in the eye of Google, and then Google will start ranking your website.

  3. As a beginner, Can I make a News Blog/Website?

    Yes, you can make your news website; if you love to provide news, write articles and want popularity on the internet. You must have a budget to start, you can surely make a news website.

  4. Can I Write Content Without Hiring team?

    Maybe, It all depends on your niche or field, how broad you have chosen your audience. If your audience is from worldwide, then you must have writers for your news website.

  5. What is the minimum requirement to get Google News approval?

    The minimum requirement to get google news approval are, Amp plugin and valid structure data without any error, Publish Daily News on your website. Also Make a logo as per Google requirement, Provide genuine news and fresh content and wait at least one month before applying to the google news section.

how to start a news website
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