How to Find Trending Topics for Blogs?

Do you want to know, How to find trending topics for blogs in 2021???

I know finding trending topics for blogs is a hard task. 

Wait…I will make it easy for you.

I guarantee, after reading this post you can get more than 100 trending topics within 2 minutes. 

How to find trending topics for blogs using Social Networking sites

It’s one of the biggest platforms to find the trending topic on social media. Social media is the type of network by which people are connected. 

Millions of users are now active on social media. It has become one of the basic needs of the user.

Some of them are free of cost, and for some of them are paid subscriptions. By using the hashtag, tweets, etc. the public discuss the trend on social media. 

Many types of social networking sites are available on the internet to find the trending topics they are as follow:

1. Google Trends

How to Create a Micro Niche Blog

Google Trends is one of the most popular and social networking platforms to find trending topics & find trending content

This article will tell how to find trending topics for blogs according to your state and city. Here you have to register first on the site and put all your details.

Then it will show you current trending topics on Google Trends in your area. It’s easy to use, and popular searches are carried and ranked by the users. You have to scroll down the feed section.

It shows us the graph, from where the top trending topics popularity starts and where it ends. It shows the trend from the hour to the hour.

It shows the popular trending topic keyword. It lists the most popular topics 2021 online stories and updates. Click on any search to find more information. It is the free version you can use without taking any paid subscription.

Google Trends is the most effective way to find trending topic in your niche.

2. YouTube Trends

youtube trend

Youtube Trends is the video-sharing platform provided by the internet. It shows the trending topic by the videos uploaded on it.

Youtube has millions of active users available on it. The youtube trends are the best way to know how to find trending topics for blogs, its video according to the views open on the video. Here top trending data comes from the video watched by the active youtube user.

You click on the trending button near the home, and then you will get all the trending videos on any type of niches as per your blog.

3. Twitter Trends

twitter trend

Twitter Trends is another popular social media networking site to know how to find trending topics for blogs. The topic has been a trend on Twitter by its tweet by its hashtag(#). The user trends here the subject by the hashtag. 

By discussing the matter, people trend the hashtag. The more the hashtag available on the topic, the more current trending topics it will have.

Here you can find the daily news and trending hashtags below the search box. It is also available for the free version.

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4. Reddit Trends

reddit trend

Reddit is the form of the network by which it trends the topic by the people’s interest. It is one of the discussion platforms for people to know about how to find trending topics for blogs.

The people discuss the topic here and then the topic trends.

5. Buzzfeed Trending

These are internet media, which trends the topic like news headlines, food fashion, and tasty food videos recipes.

The users can reach their page and visit their site and can enjoy the issues. This is also a great source to find trending topics lists. BuzzFeed is also the best way to find trending topics

6. Buzzsumo Trending

BuzzSumo trending

In my opinion, it’s the best site to know how to find trending topics for blogs. It takes more time for searching and scanning what people are discussing on the site.

These sites find top trending topics according to the market need. The user can search their page and visit the website. Find trending topics using BuzzSumo Trending.

6. Quora


Quora is a platform for questioning and answering the question. You can search for the specific keyword and explore the topic in your feed.

It is also useful for high trending topics in 2021 in your area. The company’s motto is to share knowledge. You have to visit their website, and you can ask the question. It is the most used way to find the best trending topics in India.

7. Sprout Social


It is the system of engaging the audience, collaborating, and maintaining the media. It is the paid site in which you have to pay and get the subscription for its services.

It gives one of the most exceptional trending topics on the internet. Sprout Social is paid but it is also the best method.

8. Facebook Trends

Facebook Trends
Facebook Trends – How to find trending keywords in any niche

The most trending social media platform is Facebook Trends. It has millions of active users on it. I am also using Facebook.

You can explore the trending topics in the news below the feed section on the right-hand side.

9. FAQs (frequently asked questions)


The faqs are commonly asked questions by the people and it is also the best way to know how to find trending topics for blogs.

They are the majorly asked questions on the e-commerce website. Google takes the knowledge of these questions to make the graph.

Take the help of FAQs and find trending topic for your blogs.

10. Newspaper

Newspaper – the best organic way to find trending topics in your niche

The newspaper has different types of sections. On the first page, all the top news is published, and on the next discussion is given, then on next about the sports entertainment all the trending and the discussed topic are here.

You can select any one of the topics which you think that it is a trending topic.

11. LinkedIn Plus


LinkedIn plus helps you to find trending topics daily. Based on the daily discussion of the people, the stories are curated by LinkedIn’s editor.

12. Keywords

google keywords
How to Find Trending Topics for Blogs through GOOGLE KEYWORDS

The keywords are the words or phrases which are searched by the people on the site. When the internet user types the keyword in the search box, it automatically gets recorded by the website. 

The most searched keyword has been a trend in the search box tool. The different types of keywords are available on the websites. You can search and scan any of the most trending keywords from any website.

13. Television

television is also a way to find trending topics

Television is the most excellent way to know how to find trending topics for blogs. The daily updates are available on the TV.

You can use different types of television channels, such as news, sports, entertainment, etc to find top trending topics for blogs.

14. Comment on blogs

how to find trending topic in your niche through comments [source-]

From the comments, you can search topics and discover new content for the trending topic in your area. The blog having many comments can give you your trending topic.

By taking more knowledge on it, you can review it on the reader’s most asked question. Then make the most of the problem in the comment box then use it as your niche.

15. Hashtag

The trending hashtag on social media is one of the popular ways of finding the trending niche. Social media use trending hashtags by the public discussion on social media.

It is effortless to find the trending hashtag. Just go to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., and search the trending hashtag.

The trending niche can search the hashtag in your area and place. It can give you more engagement and collaboration on your site. Using the hashtag formula you will also get to know some untouched niche markets in 2021.

16. Mind

The mind is the most significant source of finding new and individual ideas. You always have to keep the eye open for your unique content.

The mind can give you different types of plans for your blog for writing content. By these, you can make your niche and trend it.

17. Calendar

You can see the schedule and get the trending niche also. The different types of festivals and events are written on the calendar. You can make those events and festivals as your blogging keyword and write the content daily.

There are different types of the schedule available in the market such as google calendar etc. The big festivals are top trending topics in India.

18. Competition

Notice the different types of blogs about what they are discussing. It is also the best way to get top trending keywords. Remember that you have to not copy-paste from their blog.

19. Alerts

These are the free services given by all types of apps. It will help you a lot to keep in touch with the trending news and updates. The different types of alerts are there, such as Google alerts, email alerts, etc.

20. Magazines

The magazines can give different types of trending topics. The magazines publish the trending lifestyle, celebrities, foods, etc. You can take a short look and write the blog according to your niche.

21. Seasons

The family plans a holiday on different types of seasons in rainy, summer, winter. The different kinds of trending topics can get from them. If they discuss and don’t have any idea where to go, they can search trending places to visit. In this way, you can create unusual and adventure topics on trips and much more.

22. Create Your Own Topic

Create your topic so that many people can write about it, and it should start trending. The niche you created must be discussing top, and it should be trending for a long period.

23. Plan

The planning is the most crucial concept in blogging. There should be a plan before writing a trending topic. If you didn’t point, then you can lose some points in writing the content.

24. Stories and update

Ask your community to share stories and updates. Like the suggestion box open for the community so that they can share their stories with you. So, you can write on the top trending topics list 2021 which they want.

25. Review the Trending Article

Yes, many people make reviews on the trending topic list and get traffic on their blogs. By studying and collecting information on all the niches, you can write a review on it. You can write what you think about that according to your studies.

26. By Solving Problem

If you are still confused about how to find trending topics for blogs, then listen to the problem of your customer and find a solution to it. People are having any issues finding their questions and writing their answers on your blog. It will boost up the traffic on the website.

27. News

It is one of the essential contents from which you can write your blog. The press should be according to your area, state, or country.

You get a daily news update on television or social media. There are different types of news on which you can write political press, sports news, entertainment news, etc. For writing the news trending, you should be up to date.

Bonus point: If you use the latest trending topic, the chance of getting a rank is higher. 

28. Technology

The different types of technology are available in the market. People search for new technology and smartphones as it trends. You can write about the most leading technology in the market.

29. Surveys

Using the reviews, you can also write a good topic. Different types of evaluations are there on the internet. Write about the most trending study discussion material on the internet.

29. Interest

Here you have to study all the markets and make what people are discussing on social media. By getting in touch with the people in which type of topic the people are interested in, you can make the trending topic. All is that you have to be up to date. 


Nowadays, it is challenging to find the trending topic for a new blogger—all the blogger’s struggle in the market when they are new here in blogging. Here I have covered how to get the trending topic for blog. If you choose any one of these topics, then I am sure that your website gets a boost up.

Bonus Point:- Many different topics are trending in our day to day life. But you should select the trending topic according to our niche of the blog. 

If you are writing a daily trending topic like news and fashion, you have to be up to date. You should have more knowledge about our niche. 

The topic should get more engagement on your blog. Then only your blog or article will rank. The blogger’s primary responsibility is to write the unique content that fills the reader’s research according to the market. 

The trending topic must burn up the reader’s mindset. It’s a challenging task to find the trending topic. You should be up to date if you want to write a trending topic for your blog. 

If you find the right content at the right time, it will boost your website and get traffic. The different types of tools are available in the market by which you can find the trending topics. Some of the tools are paid, and some are even free to use. 

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