[15+ Untold-Niche] How to Create a Micro Niche Blog

In today’s era, it’s effortless to start a blog and make money online. But the most challenging task is to find the best micro niche site.

In this article, I will tell you how to find the best micro niche for blogging 2020 and How to create a Micro niche blog within a few minutes.

I can reveal some profitable micro niche topics that can make Lakhs within a short time.

If you stay until the end, I can promise you will create your first Micro Niche site today itself, and you will make money with micro niche websites.

We have seen most of the new bloggers start blogging on a very competitive niche, and soon they quit as a result miserably fail.

Is creating a micro niche blog profitable? 

YES, It’s easy to rank on Google and drive more traffic through a micro niche site.

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    How to create a Micro Niche Blog

    Before getting micro niche blog ideas 2020, we need to understand what is Micro Niche Blogging.

    If we break down the word in small segments, we would easily understand the meaning. Micro (small) Niche (atopic) + Blogging (to create content on a topic) so if we combine the meaning, it says a blog which is based on a specific product or service and aims to the concerned customers only who are bothered with the product or service is called a micro niche blog. 

    Some micro niche blog examples:-
    >10 best free blogging platforms
    >How to earn money from Blogspot blog

    Why do micro niche blogging?

    As per the updated version of Google, the micro niche topics rank quickly than any other search engine. 

    If you create an excellent website and an attractive micro niche blog on the given data and optimize it, you can get your blog ranked early and make money with micro sites.

    How to do a micro niche blog?

    For micro niche blogging, you need to have a micro niche website. Basically, in a micro niche site, you upload posts and content based on the site’s niche.

    For example: if you make a website based on weight management of the human body, so on this website, you will upload recipes and dishes that one can eat to manage their health. 

    You can categorize your homepage on two broad categories, mainly – Weight gain and lose weight. BTW health is the best micro niche for blogging 2020.

    How to create a Micro niche blog

    If you are looking for How to create a micro niche blog, then the below 4 steps can make mastery in Micro Niche Topics.

    1- Select and create a micro niche site.
    2- Write articles on your micro niche topics.
    3- Drive organic traffic and some targeted traffic.
    4- Use AdSense or Affiliate programs to make money with a micro niche site.

    Your niche should be before we move forward exact, so I have collected some best micro niche ideas list 2020.

    Micro Niche Ideas 2020

    micro niche ideas 2020

    Choosing a profitable micro niche for Blogging is good, but choosing something popular on the internet with a good search volume of people searching for it can be more profitable.

    Make sure whatever you do choose also gets you excited to write about. You should be passionate about the topic to make money with micro sites very quickly.

    Providing reliable information about a popular topic won’t help. And the micro niche blog should be something on which you have done extensive research on or are going to do. 

    A profitable micro niche for Blogging can be made up of any subject because you always have an audience searching for specific things, and they will be glad to find out about your site.

    Think about when you were stumbling through the webpage for information but had difficulty finding the practice that helps.

    You can perhaps do some research & make an excellent micro niche website list on that mostly informed internet topic.

    There are various types of a micro niche blogging site, and some best micro niche list is mentioned below-

    1. Fashion Blogging

    You are looking at How to create a Micro Niche Blog; then, Fashion Blogging can make a passive income for you.

    These micro niche topics are the most popular on the internet. These types of Blogging mainly focuses on the latest trends and fashion and need to be updated regularly based on the trends.

    2. Travel blogging

    These micro-niche topics for Blogging can only be done by the one who loves travelling. In this blogger blog, the blogger writes about the destination, its beauty, accommodation cost, places one can visit in that particular destination, and famous foods of that place. 

    Here, the audiences travel to a particular destination and need little knowledge or rather a guide explaining everything. This topic can be a profitable micro niche for Blogging.

    3. Food blogging

    These are also attractive blogs, and their main audiences are the ones whose interest is in recipes and Healthy eating, Keto diet, Veg diet etc. 

    Few bloggers also cover famous dishes in their locality and give reviews on it. You can create the best micro niche blogging related food and make money through affiliates.

    4. Music blogging

    This type of Blogging is used to give criticism on the trending songs. Here the audiences are the ones who want to know about the song and its reviews. 

    These micro niche sites get a lot of traffic during a short interval of time. 

    5. Fitness blogging

    If you think How to create a Micro Niche Blog on fitness and make money with micro niche websites, Fitness Blogging is best for you. 

    The name only we all know, what this blog is about fitness, exercise, diet and healthy living and recently its been the most visited due to lockdown because of the COVID 19 pandemic, and many people want to be more healthy conscious.

    6. Crafts blogging

    Suppose you want to know how to create a micro niche blog on Crafts and make money online. It’s also easy to rank on Google. 

    Craft Micro Niche blogging is all about DIY things that one can do in free time. It is best in micro niche ideas 2020.

    7. Movie blogging

    Movie micro niche blogs are similar to music blogs. The main difference is its about movie critics and its review. 

    This is the most profitable micro niche for blogging as it gets a lot of traffic. And it contains posts related to the latest news about upcoming movies and the film industry.

    8. Personal Blogging

    You may also create a micro niche blogging related Personal Branding. Here the blogger writes about himself/herself to influence others. 

    Many agencies create micro niches for digital marketing companies and make money online.

    9. Business blogging

    These are the most professional type blogs that the entrepreneur mainly read here, and the blogger has to do thorough research about the demand of the consumers and prices of the product that influence them.

    I will explain how to create a micro niche blog on Business, so keep reading this article.

    10. Parenting blogs

    Here the newbie parents are concerned about the children and want to know the best psychological methods of parenting and activities they can implement on the children to get the best return.

    Parenting a blog is not easy, as it needs a lot of experience to build micro niche sites based on children.

    11. News Blog

    These blogs mainly focus on the local news and the ones who pursue journalism, and news blog is the best option for them to start with. 

    If you think what is a micro niche and how is it profitable

    It gets millions of traffic within hours because of breaking headlines, and the earning is done through Adsense or by promoting banners.

    12. Political Parties Blog

    This type of blog mainly focuses on the political news and agenda about the political parties. 

    In this era, every political party has its bloggers who post about the good deeds they do and dominate other political parties.

    These blogs greatly influence the youth who want to do politics, but he/she does not know anything about any party. 

    They build micro niche sites blogs only pave their way to choose a particular political party.

    13. Pet blogging

    If you know a little bit How to create a Micro Niche Blog, you must go with the pet micro niche. 

    In these micro niche topics, the ultimate focus is on the pet animals: the critical guides like grooming, food, training and vaccines, which are to be provided to safeguard the pets and their healthy living.

    Here the readers are animal lovers, animal trainers, pet owners and owners of their shelter homes. It’s easy to build micro niche sites on pets and drive targeted traffic.

    Sometimes these blogs are also used as an advertisement platform by pet food owners to advertise their pet food and shelter homes and advertise about their animals, which are to be adopted.

    You can easily make money with microsites using sponsors or by selling affiliate products.

    14. Finance blogging

    Finance micro niche blog topics are all about money management and to utilize it to multiply its future. 

    It gives investors various guidelines in which company they should invest to get many dividends at the end of the financial year. 

    Some Entrepreneurs want start-ups but don’t have knowledge in terms of finance and how to manage finance.

    The microfinance niche for digital marketing aims to do that only, i.e., to provide keen knowledge in capital management.

    15. Sports blog

    Sports micro niche blog connects various countries in one place as every country has its national sport and sports stars who are admired not only in their home country but also by the various people around the globe.

    For instance, Messi players who love to play football know who Messi is? Sometimes these bloggers are also paid to write content about a sports team.

    And among various types of a micro niche blog, it is an introductory level blogging where the content is based on a niche. 

    One has to do thorough research on the topic, and then based on the observation niche blog is made. And the revenue earned is based on the effort you put in to know about the niche and what key point you have written.

    Based on my research, I had mentioned everything below that I knew about the micro niche blog.

    Creating a website

    When your niche selection is made, you need to create a website before it might sound complicated, but it’s too easy in reality.

    Below mentioned methods are paid. If you want to know a free guide, then see How to earn money from Blogspot.

    Now let’s see how to create a micro niche blog for Blogging, you need to follow a few steps:-

    #1 Choosing the best web hosting

    A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their micro niche affiliate website accessible via the World Wide Web. 

    All you need to do is set up your hosting web account for your site, and this is not placed on cost either and make sure you choose wisely the web host.

    The best web hosts also play a vital role in the ranking of micro niche blogging. After entering a few details, you are ready to start now your own place and customize it as per your need to look great when someone follows it.

    Choose a better web host and connect it to your domain, and now your blog is ready.

    #2 Designing

    Now you know how to create a Micro Niche Blog, but you may fail when it comes to Designing.

    Design your micro niche site smartly so that it catches the attention of the reader.

    After setting up your blog theme, you can now customize/design your site as per your wants.

    #3 Validating your micro-niche website

    Are you sure this is a profitable micro niche for Blogging?  Are people concerned about what you’re writing?

    One way to find this is by using search tools to look at how much search volume.

    Pick up the best long-tail micro niche and start working on that. It may take some months to succeed, but you can easily make money with micro niche websites.

    #4 Writing content for a micro niche site.

    This is where you need to ensure quality. The 2 types of articles in your site are well researched, long detailed articles & short, concise, regular articles.

    In the detailed article, you should thoroughly explain your micro niche topics, maybe your purpose and intention for writing about it. 

    Make sure you provide a detailed account to fully introduce people to your intent an impression on the audience to attempt them to read more.

    Regularly update & monitor the site & ensure regular publishing, at least once a week: website regular short article which may be ensured to question or just a new topic.

    Try to use keywords repeatedly, preferably in Blogging. It helps to lay emphasis and guarantees to search optimization.

    Getting traffic on your site

    Whatever is the topic you want to write on interests you, and just like you, there are other amazing people out there who will also love the content you are writing about. So, write with love and passion. If your writing reflects quality, people will like it for sure.

    Another way to promote and generate traffic on your blog is by referencing it on social platforms. You can share content related best micro niche for blogging 2020

    Build a great social network, and you can easily promote your blog there. Some people love the way you talk. So, remember to sound good and friendly.

    Networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter are great. You should also check out sites like quora to drive more traffic to your micro niche blog. It is a site where people from around the world have established a question – answering community.

    Micro Niche blogs are mostly about answering some general questions on a specific niche; hence quora becomes an excellent place for promoting your micro niche blog.


    Now you know how to create a micro niche blog, but being consistent is essential to make money.

    Micro Niche Blogging is the best source of income. If you want to earn more from the best micro niche blog 2020, use the best micro niche affiliate topics.

    FAQ related how to create a micro niche blog.

    How do I start a micro niche blog? 

    This article is all about how to create a micro niche blog. You need to select your niche from the best micro niche ideas 2020 from the above paragraphs.

    What is Micro Niche Blogging?

    Micro Niche Blog is all about creating a blog on a specific niche. The best micro niche for blogs brings targeted traffic, and it has a high conversion rate. So, you can earn a huge amount within a few traffic. There are too many best micro ideas mentioned above.

    Do micro niche sites still work?

    Yes, even it’s so easy to rank on google. You may choose any best micro niche topic and start working on that. It may take a few months to get a good ranking in a search engine, only if you optimize your blog correctly.

    What blog niches are most profitable?

    Every Micro Niche has its importance, and nearly all are profitable if you use the correct strategy. However, some best profitable micro niches are Health, Food, Life Style, Finance etc.

     How much money do niche websites make?

    It usually depends upon how you work and what methods you are applying for your blog. If we see on an average, it is nearly $200 to $10,000 per month.

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