How to earn money from Blogspot: The Ultimate Guide

If you are looking to know How to make money from Blogspot blog?

Well, in this article, I will be talking about How to earn money from Blogspot.

Many people are finding different ways to make money online. From homes, they want to earn money; it is possible through blogs.

Blogging on one’s interest niche is a proven way to make money online. Anyone by his hard work can easily make money. But, it needs patients.

Blogging is the best-proven way to increase your income and online influence. So if you are looking for a complete guide on how to create a blog for free and earn money in India, keep reading this article to the end.

In the blogging industry, there is difficulty in investing a little amount for newbies. So, if you want to know how to make money blogging for beginners, you must go with ‘Blogger.’

Blogger is an excellent platform to make money, but it is hard to set up, and it will take some months to start making money from Adsense

Before we move forward, we should clear some questions regarding the types of blogs that make money.

Can we use Adsense on Blogspot blogs? 

Blogspot blog is the type of blog that makes money in a short time. You might be getting confused about how to earn money through Blogspot.

You can earn money by writing blogs in India through Adsense.  We can use Adsense in a blogger, but if you go with, you need to wait for six months to activate Google Adsense. 

If you use your name domain, you can start making money simultaneously; it will also help you monetize your blog through Google Adsense.

Is any investment needed to start a Blogspot blog?

Is your question on How to create a blog for free and earn money in India?

Then not one paisa needed to start a blog on Blogspot. You just need to sign up and create your blog by selecting a specific URL for your blog on

How to create a blog for free and earn money in India

If you want to know how to make money from Blogspot blog, then the first step is to create a blog on

There are many types of blogs that make money on Blogspot. Creating a blog on is very easy. Read below instructions to create a perfect blog and earn money by writing blogs in India.

#Step 1: Sign up for Blogger from the home page of 

blogger dashboard

If you logged into via Gmail account. You will now see the “New Blog” button on the left side. Click on create a new blog.

#Step 2: Enter the right name for your blog, which will look relevant for users.

Blogger Name

You will find the title bar, in that you can name your blog. The next options will be of Address, in that you need to put any short domain address. It might not be available, and then you need to choose a unique name and select a standard template that can be changed further. 

Blogger url

Now click on Next and Create Blog on blogger for free. 

Your blog is ready within 2 minutes, and now you can earn money by writing blogs in India.

If you are in search of How to earn money through Blogspot blog and don’t want to go with Blogspot, you may use some Best Free Blogging Platform List.

Start creating new blog posts.

Click on the ‘Create New Post‘ button on the left side to create a new blog post. Enter a relevant title and start writing content according to your niche or interest.

Connecting to Google Adsense

Once your blog is fully optimized and you are getting a good number of visitors per day from search engines of your Blogspot, then you can apply for Adsense to start making money. Don’t use it if you have not 20-30 articles and 300-400 unique visitors per month on your blog. Otherwise, it is hard for the approval of Google Adsense. 

These are the proven ways on How to earn money from Blogspot

What to do after creating a blog?

After creating a beautiful blog, the next step is how to earn money from Blogspot. In google, there are many types of blogs that make money at a high level. 

Your blog should be valuable for competing with those different bloggers who earn money by writing blogs in India.

Start writing SEO friendly.

It is hard for newbies to get rank in google to get organic traffic, especially when you are new in the blogging industry.

You can learn everything regarding search engine optimization for free on Google, and you can implement it to get positive results for your blog.

If you want to earn money by writing blogs in India through Adsense on, you can boost your income by getting more traffic from search engines like google or bing.

The more traffic you generate, then more clicks on your blog will get that can boost your income through Adsense. 

The main proposal I can provide for any beginner blogger is to begin concentrating on making content that is SEO agreeable.

Here are barely any straightforward tips to compose SEO well-disposed blog entries that will assist you with carrying more traffic to your Blogspot web journals.

Here are some basic SEO you can do to earn money by writing blogs in India.

  • Concentrate on internal linking At whatever point you compose new posts, connect to the past posts. The more interlinking, the more crawling Google will do for your site, the more search visibility you will get.
  • Try not to compose cross 70 characters in your blog entry titles. It won’t appear in query items, so try to utilize the short featured titles. 
  • Make sure the reader feels comfortable while reading your blog. At that point, advance later for web indexes. Try not to utilize similar catchphrases as it prompts watchword stuffing repeatedly, and your blog may get punished like this. 
  • Try not to use streak components on your blog as it will slow your blog’s speed. Google gives first concern to the destinations that open quicker.

Focus on getting Adsense Approval

How to make money blogging for beginners is a difficult task. Many bloggers start a blog and stop within a few months; the biggest reason is that they don’t manage to make money through Adsense in the early stage of blogging. 

It is essential to get approval of Google Adsense and make money for a longer time.

One must focus on creating your blog excellent and driving some traffic for four to six to get an approval of Adsense very quickly.

If you regularly post on a blog, then in 4 months, your blog would contain 100 articles, and if they are ranking on google, you may quickly get 400-500 unique visitors per day. And it’s an excellent start to make money through Adsense.

How to earn money from Blogspot without Adsense

The Adsense Earning may not be enough for someone; to boost your earnings, you may use some proven ways to increase your Adsense Earning very quickly. You can find these ways on google. 

Although for newbies, it is a challenging task to find these ways to boost your Adsense Earning. 

Somehow, you will manage to get these ideas and experiment with all those ideas to increase your income.

You may also use Adsense related blogs to boost your knowledge and place the AdSense ads at the right place to get more clicks and CPC, which increases the earning from Adsense.

I hope it gives you a brief knowledge on How to earn money from Blogspot also without Adsense approval.

How to Optimize Blog Posts for SEO on Blogspot

You might be thinking about how to rank a blogger blog on google. 

SEO is essential in ranking your blogs on Google and driving traffic to your blog. In paid websites like WordPress, you can use plugins to check your SEO. 

Unfortunately, there is no SEO plugin for bloggers to check their content SEO score. So here, you will get some pro tips to do SEO in Blogger.

#1 On-page SEO

On-page SEO helps to boost your ranking in Google and drive more traffic to your blog. You must do proper on-page optimization to increase your blog traffic. Below you will find some proven way to do On-page SEO.

  • Must use primary keywords on title tags, image alt tags, internal linking, heading, subheadings. And keyword density must be within 1-2% only.
  • Must use subheadings as H2, H3.
  • One paragraph must not be longer than 300 words.
  • The meta description must contain your keywords.
  • Keywords must be present in the slug of your blog post.

#2 keyword research process

Keyword research plays a vital role in boosting your blog traffic. You can use Ahref or SEMrush to find low competition keywords and rank easily on search engines. 

But this post is all about free tools, so you may use Ubersuggest to find low competition keywords.

Always use long-tail keywords to rank quickly on Google and drive more traffic on your blog. For instance, “Hair loss” is short-tail keywords, and “How to Control Hair loss for men” is a long-tail keyword. Using long-tail keywords get a more natural rank as compared to short-tail keywords. 

#3 Internal Linking

Internal linking is the most proven way to get traffic from one blog to another blog and another to another blog post. It is just like a funnel; you just need to understand what visitors exactly want to know. The more internal links in your blog, the more traffic you will get. 

#4 External Linking

Google focuses more on content, which contains external links. For example, you are using some other website’s URL in your blog, and then Google will give priority to you to get rank on Google more than others. External linking or Backlinks play a significant role in driving traffic. 

#5 Never Publish Duplicate Content

Most newbies find it difficult to write content and post on their blog, so they use other websites’ content to their blog. But these things are not allowed in Google Algorithm. Google quickly finds these websites which copy other content and make their site authority down day by day.

You must create your blog In your own words. You may take ideas from other blogs to write an article for your blog. But never copy the same content to your blog.

#6 Optimize images in your blog post

You must use copyright-free images or make the images using Photoshop, Canva, or by any source. You must reduce your image pixels before uploading them to your blog. If images are not optimized, then it will take time to open in your blog, which will increase your website loading time. Google gives priority to those websites whose loading time is fast. Your blog must get fully loaded within 3-4 seconds to get good user experience. 

FAQ related How to earn money through Blogspot

What is the difference between Blogger and WordPress?

WordPress and Blogger are free platforms to make a blog. But WordPress also has its paid services.
Below you will know the difference between Blogger and WordPress.

In Blogger
>You rent your website, the owner of that blog is Blogger.
>Fully optimized and maintained by Blogger.
>Easy to use for newbies.
>Customization and free themes are limited.
>Automatic Software updates by Blogger.

In WordPress
>WordPress has paid service, and you own your site.
>Fully customized by you.
>Easy to customize.
>You can use plugins to make the user experience better.
>Automatic Software updates by WordPress.

What is the best blog site?

There are many options for blogging platforms besides Blogger and WordPress, like Typepad or Tumblr or Wix. Now all platforms are good as Blogger and WordPress.

If you are looking for the best and free platform, then you must go with Blogger. Blogger is easy to use, and it is known for newbies only.

How do you name your blog?

If you want to build your name authority, then you should go with your name. Like is the most prominent SEO blog in the world.

The second thing is that you can name your blog according to your niche interest, like fitness, health care, fashion, estate, finance, etc.

How can you make money from Blogspot post?

You can make money through a blog very quickly through Adsense. But income is based on two things. The first is “The Source Of Traffic,” and the second is “Your Niche.” If you are getting traffic from the beginning of their country like the US, UK, you can earn more than India.

How to get more Blogspot blog’s exposure?

Increasing one’s Blogspot blog’s exposure is very important for beginners. As it can convert your blogging towards success, or it may be the reason for your failure. You must follow authority bloggers in your niche to get more traffic, links, and shares on your blog posts.

And you must start diverting your visitors towards social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. Make sure to post content to social media to engage the users from your blog and also focus on your social media followers to increase your blog exposure.

How to make a blog attractive to readers for free?

In Blogspot, you will find a large variety of free templates for free. If you still not find a suitable theme, you may move to a paid theme that will need a little lifetime investment.

If you are a beginner, then I won’t recommend you buy a premium template. You can find a pretty good theme for free by searching on Blogspot or google and save money.

So here is a guide on How to earn money from Blogspot, and I hope you earn money by writing blogs in India. 

So Stay tuned and continue all updates with us.

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